Vistage Quotes – January 2014

Jan 16th:  Another powerful monthly Vistage meeting.  Action promises that will change companies and change lives were recorded with appropriate

It’s Not About Your Resume

Sitting here musing over coffee and a quick note came to mind… Not too long ago I was speaking with

Your Career May Start Today

It has been a couple months since I wrote a “Career Coach” column.  Sometimes they write themselves.  Today was such

Happy Holidays – Are You Working?

The political pundits and talking heads in the media are saying the unemployment rate just dropped.  No Kidding?!?!? The seasonal

Glimmers of Hope

Well,… things are not better, but there are glimmers of hope. The the AP reported today [Article Here] that economic


Today’s L.A. Times reported mortgage delinquencies in the California will hit 14% in very short order.  [Link Here]  This on