Time to teach?

I recently read an article in Career College Central magazine about professionals becoming teachers.  Career College Central is a somewhat

This Too Will Pass

I would rather live today than at any other time in history.  This feeling is and has been consistent on

What If… This Is The New Normal?

In the Career section of today’s Wall Street (June 16th) Karina Diaz Cano wrote an article titled “When Tough Times

Get Better, Not Bitter!

Are you sweeping and weeping or cleaning up your act? I ask that question not to be trite but to

Take a Minute to Breathe

This morning I opened the L.A. times expecting another article about job losses, banks, TARP, TALF and such. These stories

So,… Who’s Right?

Today I read that jobless claims were up, no down, no up. Huh? It would be silly if it wasn’t