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Glimmers of Hope

September 2009

Well,… things are not better, but there are glimmers of hope.

The the AP reported today [Article Here] that economic data from the Labor Department contained some promising signs:

“In a sharp improvement, the largest U.S. metropolitan areas were evenly split in July between those where unemployment rates rose from June and those where rates fell.

In June, by contrast, 90 percent of the 380 metro areas had seen their jobless rates rise from the previous month.”

What is happening: the rate of unemployment growth is slowing in many areas.

What is NOT happening: but for seasonal jobs in agriculture and other niche segments, the number of new jobs is not growing fast enough to counter-act job losses.

What is means:  The US economy continues to cling to a very flat growth curve.  In previous decades, even those experiencing recessions, new and revitalized sectors drove job growth.  For example, in the late 1980’s technology drove growth; the dot-com / telecom boom and bust drove the 1990’s and financial services drove the first 5 years of the new millennium.  Uh,.. maybe forget about that last one.

The point is history proves that without a job growth machine fueled by an emerging or jump-started sector, unemployed workers are left to make their own luck.

Are you ready or just waiting?  Do you have a plan?  If not, you need to follow the 1st rule of white-water rafting: When you fall out of the boat, YOU are the most important member of your rescue team.

Get it?


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