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Take a Minute to Breathe

May 2009

This morning I opened the L.A. times expecting another article about job losses, banks, TARP, TALF and such. These stories are the raw materials I use to connect the dots of career planning in hopes of encouraging job seekers.

Instead, I found an article that provided an apt reminder of how important it is to take in the view and relax for a moment.

I am from Los Angeles. Born out here, went to college here and work here. Lived in Connecticut and Florida for a few years while growing up due to my Dad’s job, but the Golden State was always home, specifically the san Fernando Valley. A lifelong passion for the Dodgers grew out of it and Dodger Stadium was a place that seemed to never age.

This morning in the L.A. Times, Hector Tobar wrote, “A lot of things have changed in Los Angeles since Dodger Stadium was opened in 1962. But the experience of settling into your seat for a night game after a day of suffering down in the city below is the same as it’s always been. We leave behind hot asphalt and smog for the cool air and comfort of watching a slow game unfold in a dry valley.

In a city that allows few things to grow old and familiar, twilight at Dodger Stadium is the same steady friend we’ve known since our childhoods.”

Amen, Hector.

Do you take time to breathe and take in the view where you live? In the midst of a renewed job search there is also a need to let the mind relax. Cheap seats at Dodger Stadium remain remarkably affordable and a walk up any hill to see the sunset is free.

The gruel and stress of any job is nothing compared to the concern during a job search. It’s critical to set aside the 10,000 articles on resume writing and find some balance. Make an intentional plan to take in the view and breathe…


“The leaves have fallen all around, it’s time I was on my way.
Thanks to you – I’m much obliged, such a pleasant stay.”
Ramble On – Led Zeppelin


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