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The Life Of An Entrepreneur In 90 Pages

June 2016

Entrepreneur Book Cover- Front Only

This new book started with a viral video.

Viral videos are like tornadoes. They are not planned as much as they simply happen with colossal and exciting effect when the conditions are right.  In mid-October 2015 Patrick Bet-David wanted to communicate a message about entrepreneurs and decided to create a video titled “The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds” You can see that video here.
The original intent was to share a compelling and emotional glimpse into the story behind the average entrepreneur. Many people see the end product and have no idea what it takes to get there. These people have not been exposed to the process and it’s a life that some people probably don’t want to see because it’s messy – yet also very rewarding.
Roughly an hour after posting the video on Facebook, it had gone over 50,000 views.  The next morning, it had crossed over 2,000,000 views, and just hours later it was deep into the millions, and everyone knew it was viral. By the end of the weekend it had hit 15,000,000 and today, in mid-2016, it has amassed over 27,000,000 views and it is still viewed thousands of times each day.

Why did such a simple video receive such an overwhelming response?

There are many reasons – but the best answer seems to be that the video captured the simple truth and wrapped it in an emotional story in which everyone can relate. We all know failure. We all understand challenges. We all have experienced some little victories in life here-n-there even if our life has had its share of tragedies and isn’t much to talk about at the moment. Everyone seemed to’get’ the video in some way from some angle even if it was an deep yearning covered in tears from inside themselves that merely cried out, “Someday…”

Along the way, thousands of people (maybe you) asked if the story and concepts in the video could be captured in a book that people could use to build their own personal plan – a compass of what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Patrick thought that was a good idea… and I was privileged to co-author it with him.  Patrick and I are proud to announce that its launch today at  You can buy it here.



  1. Great post. Great advice, thanks for sharing. I am going to see if any local book stores have copies today and make it a prospecting outing as well. THANKS for your PHP leadership as well. Go PHP and MSM.

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