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Time to teach?

August 2009

I recently read an article in Career College Central magazine about professionals becoming teachers.  Career College Central is a somewhat obscure but highly informed source of information on careers in education.  Read article here

The article explored the near-term and long-range prospects for careers in teaching:

In many places, there are more converts to teaching than there are jobs, except in hard-to-fill posts in science, math and special education classes. But the wave of applicants might ease teacher shortages expected to develop as 1.7 million baby boomers retire from the public schools during the next decade.

That indicates that if you can team math or science, jobs are available today.   Looking ahead, if you are considering retiring from your current job and going into teaching over the next 10 years, the retirement wave of current teachers will be breaking in your favor.

The article  also pointed out the high interest in teacher preparation programs among displaced professionals:

Across the country, interest in teacher preparation programs geared toward job-changers is rising sharply. Applications to a national retraining program based in 20 cities rose 30 percent this year (2009). Enrollment in a career-switcher program for teachers at Virginia’s community colleges increased by 20 percent.

Teaching provides an excellent opportunity to stay close to something you enjoy – particularly in science, math or specialty courses at the community college level.  It also may require you adjust your personal budget.   Then again, with the federal government making education a priority, investment should continue – and job security usually comes with it.

It is time to trade the white-board for a chalk-board?


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