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YOU are the 2nd Product

April 2014

“You need a whole lot more than money, you need more than that to survive, you need to keep your love alive.”
           – Love Alive, Heart

Every day of your career you are building two products.  First, as CEO of the company you founded or are running, you are driving development and delivery of its service or product.  The 2nd Product is what kind of “you” that you bring home.  Yes, you are that 2nd product.

The 2nd product doesn’t just happen.  For better or worse, we allow it to be stressed-tested, modified and morphed by the environment around us.  Ever wake up and say, “How did I get this upset / impatient / frustrated / flummoxed / fill-in-the-blank?”  You got there because of bad product management.  You let it happen – or caused it.  As CEOs, we have to OWN this situation.

Sadly, the same organization that is doing that to you is very likely doing it to your team as well.  You have an obligation to drive change.  No, your company is not going to become a yoga class, but it can be a high performance organization that the 2nd products are smoother running than they are today.

Your product management of the 2nd product – YOU – is everything and you need to keep your love alive.

Part of it may be getting back to the “better part of you.”  Click here for that post.

Is it time for 2.0?


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