My Credo: To leave people and companies better than I found them.

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Who Is The Biz Doc?

At my core, I am a teacher, mentor and  business driver.  I am also an author, investor, board member and adjunct professor.  I have also been a founder wearing multiple hats.  Along the way, some very cool colleagues dubbed me the “Biz Doctor” which became “The Biz-Doc” and the nickname stuck.


Case Studies

I have been blessed to have been part of some excellent businesses that did well and some that didn’t achieve what people (especially the investors – and I was among them) envisioned.  In every outcome there is a lesson.  In sharing these stories in understandable ways, Case Studies with the Biz Doc was born.  Building this library of learning is a passion of mine.  And, thanks to the power and reach of digital media, I can teach and mentor anywhere in the world.

How Cheesecake Revamped Their Take Out Strategy And Didn’t Get Taken Out By Covid! – A Case Study For Entrepreneurs
DIRECTV Sacked By NFL Sunday Ticket – How They Fumbled! – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
How Hertz Is Trying To Drive Its Way Out Of Bankruptcy – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
How Rent The Runway Strutted To A Billion Dollar Valuation – a Case Study for Entrepreneurs
How Expensify Made Expense Reports That Don’t Suck – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
How Udemy “The Academy Of YOU” Became An Online Learning Giant – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

Explore - How I Can Help You?

Watch the case studies from I gladly share with the world and read my blog.  I know how the constant struggle that accumulates over years and years can affect leaders and wish I had the resources available to make my life easier “back in the day.”  The experience I have now in leading and growing companies is what I wish to share with you.

Success Stories From My Amazing Tribe

Read about real people, real business stories, and real experience of those who dared to implement real knowledge and do the hard work on taking their ventures to new levels. I help CEOs calibrate their focus and execution as they drive the value of their own companies. Learn how adding a true COO and optimizing your organization can be a game-changer in bringing your business to the next-level game and growth.
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Awesome series!! Go watch and you are supporting the creation of additional content like this!

It's Tuesday! We just dropped a new Case Study! - How Cheesecake Revamped Their Take Out Strategy And Didn't Get Taken Out by Covid-19 @ValuetainmentTV @patrickbetdavid @Cheesecake #BizDoc #Casestudy #Casestudies

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It's Tuesday - We just dropped a new Case Study: DIRECTV Sacked By NFL Sunday Ticket - How They Fumbled! @ValuetainmentTV #MondayNightFootball #sundaynightfootball #NFL

“My driving passion at this point in my life is to (1) support great companies, and (2) teach, coach and mentor great people from CEOs and leaders to front line staff.”
-Thomas Ellsworth