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At my core, I am a teacher, mentor and  business driver.  I am also an author, investor, board member and adjunct professor.  I have also been a founder wearing multiple hats.  Along the way, some very cool colleagues dubbed me the “Biz Doctor” which became “The Biz-Doc” and the nickname stuck.


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I have been blessed to have been part of some excellent businesses that did well and some that didn’t achieve what people (especially the investors – and I was among them) envisioned.  In every outcome there is a lesson.  In sharing these stories in understandable ways, Case Studies with the Biz Doc was born.  Building this library of learning is a passion of mine.  And, thanks to the power and reach of digital media, I can teach and mentor anywhere in the world.

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Found GUILTY- The Rise And Fall Of Theranos – A LESSON for Entrepreneurs
How Rivian Is Challenging Tesla And Supercharging The Electric Car Market – a Case Study for Entrepreneurs
IPO vs. SPAC Round 2! Root vs. Metromile And Both Stocks Are Crashing! – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
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Peloton’s Wild Ride – From Startup To IPO To Tragedy And Recovery – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
How Cheesecake Revamped Their Take Out Strategy And Didn’t Get Taken Out By Covid! – A Case Study For Entrepreneurs

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Watch the case studies from I gladly share with the world and read my blog.  I know how the constant struggle that accumulates over years and years can affect leaders and wish I had the resources available to make my life easier “back in the day.”  The experience I have now in leading and growing companies is what I wish to share with you.

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Read about real people, real business stories, and real experience of those who dared to implement real knowledge and do the hard work on taking their ventures to new levels. I help CEOs calibrate their focus and execution as they drive the value of their own companies. Learn how adding a true COO and optimizing your organization can be a game-changer in bringing your business to the next-level game and growth.
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Interest rates hit 13 yr high,
Stats now show retailers hurting,
DOW is down 800+ today,
More layoff announced…

Again: That damn R-word (Recession) is coming to town like a lazy relative sleeping on your couch. He ain’t leaving soon.

Good luck blaming Putin.


Real Estate Party: “Last Call”
According to National Association of Realtors, there have been 5 consecutive months of declines:
- pending home sales
- newly constructed single-family sales

It’s that damn R-word, it’s showing up everywhere:



These things “get real” in a hurry.

Huge lesson here.
Beb ♡ Mobius & Loki @ohmobius
the petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has just surpassed 4 million signatures. and we’re still counting. let’s gooooooooo. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #Aquaman2

Chris Paul:
- 4 game losing streak in game 7s
- How many time has he lost a series when up 2-0? Isn’t it 5?

Chris Paul up 2-0 in the playoffs:

#NBAPlayoffs #DALvsPHX

Close your eyes and hear Ben Stein’s voice from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

“The current decline is greater or smaller than the COVID sell off and 2008 financial crisis?

Anyone… anyone… anyone?

It is bigger - bigger than both put together.”

#recession #CORRECTION

I've been yelling since Q4: Get heavy in cash.

It's hitting the fan - TODAY!

Inflation "officially" 8%+ - TODAY!

Int. rates on 30 yr fix mortgage is 6% - TODAY!

Multiple headlines about layoffs - TODAY!

Econ Analyst said 11M job openings stat no longer accurate - TODAY!

“My driving passion at this point in my life is to (1) support great companies, and (2) teach, coach and mentor great people from CEOs and leaders to front line staff.”
-Thomas Ellsworth