This Too Will Pass

I would rather live today than at any other time in history. This feeling is and has been consistent on good days or bad days and in good times or difficult times.


First, the world keeps turning and standing still accomplishes nothing. Second, everyday is an opportunity to learn, help, share, reflect or heal. A few of my experiences:

The day of my Dad’s funeral I learned just how much he helped other people and it challenged me to do even more than I was currently doing. A minister shared that Dad privately bought plane tickets so the minister could fly to his family own father’s funeral. We didn’t have a lot but apparently Dad found a way to buy the tickets. In the midst of my grief over death, there appeared motivation for life.

Some time ago I was married for a couple years while completing grad school. We got divorced and I was deeply troubled by how the whole thing unfolded. During the healing process I felt convicted not to become bitter but become better (see also this post). 10 years later a dear friend experienced a nearly identical situation. I shadowed him and provided encouragement as the cycle unfolded. It was a blessing to use my previous pain to encourage his healing process.

Early in my career I was passed over for a job promotion that I felt was earned and deserved. The hiring VP thought differently. Instead of impulsively quitting that company in disgust, I put my head down and elevated my performance. That same VP became one of my cheerleaders as my career progressed and he got me an even bigger promotion 18 months later.

In all cases, my first reactions were human and typical; hurt, angry, bitter, resentful, frustrated, cheated, deprived, shunned, abused, etc. Beyond the normal initial reaction came a wave of self discipline and determination to learn from the mistakes (my own fault) or life experiences (not my fault). This is not easy. You must move forward and utilize mentors, books and solitude during the process.

Today’s economy is driving people to the point of despair and into bankruptcy. Even in the most troubled situations, I can see a vision of a better future. If this is bottom, then every day forward will be a little better until a more stable plateau is attained.

Even in the face of these headwinds, I would rather live today and look to tomorrow than at any other time in history. Today’s challenges and pain are what make us appreciate a better tomorrow.

This too will pass. The question is: how will you use the experience in the future?

Right here, right now, there is no other place I wanna be.
Right here, right now, watching the world wake up from history.
Right Here, Right Now – Jesus Jones

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