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Case Studies With The Biz Doc

Case Studies are the format in which I teach and have a little fun in the process. 

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Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Found GUILTY- The Rise And Fall Of Theranos – A LESSON for Entrepreneurs
How Rivian Is Challenging Tesla And Supercharging The Electric Car Market – a Case Study for Entrepreneurs
IPO vs. SPAC Round 2! Root vs. Metromile And Both Stocks Are Crashing! – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
NFT Markets – OpenSea vs. Rariable Is A Modern Day David vs. Goliath – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
Peloton’s Wild Ride – From Startup To IPO To Tragedy And Recovery – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
How Cheesecake Revamped Their Take Out Strategy And Didn’t Get Taken Out By Covid! – A Case Study For Entrepreneurs

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Day 2 of Texas college tours - today The Biz Doc Babe and I took Bailey the golf girl on a prospective student tour of @RiceUniversity in Houston. Very impressed by Sports Management and Sports Analytics department.

This will be off the hook!!

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In the midst of the banking crisis, life moves on - The Biz Doc Babe and I took Bailey the golf girl on a prospective student tour of @SMU in Dallas. Bailey wants to major in Sports Management and Sports Analytics.

Fed raises rate .25% and says additional firming “may” be necessary to cool the market until inflation trending toward 2%. So rate hikes coming to an end? Don’t know - and the markets didn’t like the nebulous wording.

Banks dropping like flies and/or being rated junk - meanwhile Tesla exits junk rated status. This is very significant. #tesla

Everything’s Fine !
Everything’s Fine ! !

Disney is seeking profitability and announced plans to cut 7,000 positions. Managers must identify candidates for 4,000 layoffs by April with the rest of the cuts coming by eliminating open roles (which saves $0). #layoffs2023

“My driving passion at this point in my life is to support great companies, teach, and coach (from founders/CEOs to corporate leaders).”
-Thomas Ellsworth