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Case Studies are the format in which I teach and have a little fun in the process. 

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I am on this page. There are 50+ Android manufacturers globally with 15 being capable of high volume manufacturing. ONE of those will GLADLY step up and create a Tesla or Twitter phone in months - not years. Just watch.
Patrick Bet-David @patrickbetdavid
Is Apple cornering Musk into building a new phone?

Or is China giving an ultimatum to Apple to drop Twitter or else they won’t deliver on the 6 million phones they’re relying on?

We talked about @Disney @hulu and @Apple today - Mark my words, Apple will acquire Disney. A lot of reasons why. I did this case study on the topic: @ValuetainmentTV - check it out.

Censorship usually ends in tears when there is a competitive alternative. Unless censorship is aided by dictatorship, there’s a huge market response.
Welcome to capitalism.
Welcome to entrepreneurial response.
Welcome to equal time.

Would Apple risk stock price?

Let’s watch.

Musk makes a huge and obvious point. This was never about the left wanting balance or equal time - it was ONLY about cancelling the right. A balanced Twitter is the LAST thing the left wants.

RIP Wilco Johnson - sad day - we got 8 more years of you after cancer showed up. Blessed! The Going Back Home album with Roger Daltry is legendary. #DrFeelgood #wilcojohnson

“My driving passion at this point in my life is to support great companies, teach, and coach (from founders/CEOs to corporate leaders).”
-Thomas Ellsworth