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Case Studies are the format in which I teach and have a little fun in the process. 

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Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Found GUILTY- The Rise And Fall Of Theranos – A LESSON for Entrepreneurs
How Rivian Is Challenging Tesla And Supercharging The Electric Car Market – a Case Study for Entrepreneurs
IPO vs. SPAC Round 2! Root vs. Metromile And Both Stocks Are Crashing! – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
NFT Markets – OpenSea vs. Rariable Is A Modern Day David vs. Goliath – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
Peloton’s Wild Ride – From Startup To IPO To Tragedy And Recovery – A Case Study for Entrepreneurs
How Cheesecake Revamped Their Take Out Strategy And Didn’t Get Taken Out By Covid! – A Case Study For Entrepreneurs

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Appreciate Mayor @FrancisSuarez of Miami for helping a not-so-small city attract tech start-ups and innovators. Yes, he also is a crypto proponent and we'll see how that market fares. But he is all about attracting entrepreneurs and I salute that 100000000000%.

Warning to NFC:
Aaron Rodgers has a strong running game and Dak Prescott isn’t back for 8 weeks and Trey Lance is out. Arizona seems very good, not great. Does Brady have enough?

I’m ALMOST calling NFC for Green Bay

Unbelievable!! And Tate is also on Minnect!!

The Biz Doc is on Minnect! Ask me a Business Question and I’ll reply - by text or video or even a 1:1 live video - you choose!

If you want to support American businesses, and specifically American farmers, this is a great place to start. Steakhouse quality that you can’t find at the grocery store.
Good Ranchers @GoodRanchers
This is what we call: Love at the first 🤩⁠

📸: @ketobyassociation

#AmericanMeatDelivered #Steak

Yes! @DiMartinoBooth repeats what no one wants to hear - In the USA year-by-year the participation rate in the labor force is dropping. This is not due to Covid, this is a trend of laziness over the last 15 years, folks. The labor force wants to suck the govt teat and get free $.
Danielle DiMartino Booth @DiMartinoBooth
This is dated. I’m getting a more up to date one. But just to hold over the naysayers.

“My driving passion at this point in my life is to support great companies, teach, and coach (from founders/CEOs to corporate leaders).”
-Thomas Ellsworth