HEY! That’s My Pie!

If your time was a pie chart, how much do you serve to others vs. keep for yourselves?   Good

Crossing The Chasm Into Mid-Stage Growth

I was recently encouraged to elaborate on the shift a startup CEO goes through when their company has reached the meaningful revenue-generation stage and can see

Top 5 Mistakes When Hiring a COO

I recently read an article by Debbie Millin the President & CEO of UpperLevel Solutions, a professional firm that offers COO services to companies looking

Top-10 Peter Drucker Quotes

Like many of you, I have been tremendously influenced by Peter Drucker.  The other day I was reminded that it

Richard Branson’s 3 Tenants

Setting aside the celebrity and the brand that is “Richard Branson,” I am inspired by his bold, simple approach to

Top 5 Roles of the CEO

I was asked recently by a CEO, “What should my time allocation look like?  I know every sector and company

Too Busy To Hire?

It has been said, except for life itself, time is the most precious commodity on Earth.   Frankly I agree.

Who’s Your #2?

Leaders need a #2 they can trust personally and trust to deliver.  Who is yours? In the annals of corporate