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Vistage Quotes – January 2014

Jan 16th:  Another powerful monthly Vistage meeting.  Action promises that will change companies and change lives were recorded with appropriate

To E or Not to E

Established authors from mid-listers to the ranks of NY Times bestsellers are increasingly mulling over a tough question: do I

Free Isn’t Free

Happy Monday.  Recently I was thinking deeply about something.  My colleagues refer to such a preamble as a signal to

It’s Not About Your Resume

Sitting here musing over coffee and a quick note came to mind… Not too long ago I was speaking with

Your Career May Start Today

It has been a couple months since I wrote a “Career Coach” column.  Sometimes they write themselves.  Today was such

Studios and eBooks

I had a meeting and then a conference call recently with the head of a very successful production studio.  They

Microsoft and Nook Do A Deal

I live in Los Angeles.  I get up early – usually by 5:30 AM.  Still, that’s 8:30 AM on the